The Island

Corfu Island is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty.  It is the greenest of all Greece’s islands due to the olive trees which blanket the island, and which were introduced by the Venetians in the 1300’s.  Olive oil is still an important resource for the islanders. There are numerous sandy beaches which are popular with tourists and locals alike.

Small bays with crystal clear waters are perfect for those wishing to dive or snorkel. Pathways have been marked out for those wishing to hike, and the Corfu Trail takes the more adventurous hikers from the top of the island to the bottom in one week. Along the coast there are many seaside resorts offering a wide range of taverners, bars and activities.

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Further inland life is quieter and in the many traditional Greek villages life goes on as it always has.   The island has a good network of local buses, and many resorts offer boat trips so visitors can visit the island from the sea.

The Achilleion Palace

Whether you have visited the island of Corfu or not, you will certainly have heard of the Achilleion Palace.
The story of the ill-fated Empress of Austria, Elizabeth is well known as it has been popularized through film and fiction.

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The Achilleion Palace is closely associated with her as she often took refuge there, sheltering from the intrigues of the Austrian Court. The Achilleion Palace is located 10 km outside the city of Corfu next to Gastouri village, in a landscape filled with olive groves and lush vegetation. It is a milestone in the history of the island.